These treatments are priced as one-offs or as part of a grooming service


Massaging Mineral Mud-Scrub    Madra Mor all-natural mud treatments gently detox and nourish the skin. They remove impurities and smells, promote healing, and calm sensitive and irritated areas. (£20)

Pawdicure     Paws are deep cleaned in Warren London Paw Fizz treatment, which is a natural anti-fungal, antioxidant and antiseptic that soothes itchy paws. The paws are then dried. nails are filed and polished, and excess hair is cleared from pads. Finally. Warren London Paw Defence Wax is gently massaged into the pads to moisturise and protect them. (£20-£30)

Nail Colour  Using Warren London Polish Pen, colour can be added to your dog’s nails. (£8)

Quick Nails  A quick nail file to keep paws healthy – no appointment necessary (£6)

Clear Eyes     A quick trim to clear eyes between grooms – no appointment necessary (£6)

Overgrown Nails Five visits to clearly bring nails back to a healthy length (£25)

De-matting While the occasional small matt can be easily removed during a groom, extensive de-matting will be charged at £15 per 30 minutes

Flea Treatment/Tick Removal (£5)

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