This is an individualised multi-visit package to help your dog become accustomed to the grooming environment. Prices from £50

The timings given are approximate as each package is tailored to your dog.


Introduction – 20 minutes – This gives your dog a chance to wander around the salon at their own pace. They will get to try out the bath and the table, all the while being encouraged and reassured that Toodles is a great place to spend time.

Brushing Out – 45 minutes – Your dog will be introduced to the different grooming tools at a relaxed pace. The aim by the end of the session is to have your dog’s coat completely tangle free.

Brushing Out 2 – 60 minutes – This is an optional session depending on your dog’s previous reaction to grooming and the condition of their coat.

Nails – 20 minutes – A shorter session to introduce your dog to having their nails clipped.

Bath Time – 90 minutes+ – Time for your dog to have a Neat and Clean groom. Your dog will be bathed with either our puppy shampoo or our calming shampoo. They will then be introduced to the different drying techniques until they feel comfortable with the equipment that is suitable for their size and coat type. For dogs with sensitive ears, Toodles has Happy Hoodies that can be worn. Paws, face and hygiene areas will be trimmed and neatened.

Neat and Tidy – 30 minutes – This is an optional session for dogs that, for whatever reason, were not able to have their paws, face and hygiene areas trimmed and tidied during their previous session. Dogs will be introduced to scissors and trimmers so that they can be groomed safely.

Full Groom – 2 hours + – This is an optional session for dogs that require their coat clipped or hand-stripped.

If you would like any information about one of our packages, or if you would like to buy a gift voucher for a friend, please email