The Signature Spa Package is the perfect treatment for maintaining the health of your dog’s coat, skin and nails. (cost: Neat & Clean + £30)


This is a one-to-one treatment, so your dog will have the salon all to themselves.

First your dog’s coat is cleaned with one of our luxury shampoos, followed by a Madra Mor massaging mud-scrub to detox and nourish the skin. This removes any impurities in the coat along with any unpleasant smells. 

Paws are deep cleaned using Warren London Fizz Paw treatment.

Your dog’s coat is then be completely dried and brushed out. The paws, face and hygiene areas are trimmed and tidied.

Finally Warren London Paw Defense wax is gentle massaged into the pads to moisturise and protect them. Colour can then be added to nails if desired.

If you would like any information about one of our packages, or if you would like to buy a gift voucher for a friend, please email